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Sainthia Tourism

Sainthia is one of the most beautiful city in West Bengal, which has all the potential to become a foremost tourist destination. It is often visited by people from different parts of West Bengal and India. Apart from several others the main attractions is Nandikeshwari Temple which is one of the Shaktipeethas in India.

Sainthia Tourism
Enjoy Traveling to Sainthia

These are the special religious places with excellent mythological background. The story of Sati (Mata Parvati) and Lord Shiva is the concept behind the establishment of 51 shakti pitas. Apart from these pitas, there are also certain panoramic views of the scenic beauty like the River Mayurakshi, and others. Below mentioned are few main attractions of the Sainthia city.

Major Tourist Attractions In and Around Sainthia

There are several tourist attractions in and around Sainthia, out of which are the religious spots like 51 shakti pitas. Few are listed below along with other attractions.

Nandikeshwari Temple in Sainthia

Tourist spots in Sainthia
Nandikeshwari Temple in Sainthia

Nandikeshwari temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, that pulls stacks of tourists from different parts of India. When you visit this temple, you will be able to observe small idols of Gods and Goddesses (Hindu Religion), and statues that represents Mahavidhyas have been carved over the temple walls, and overlooks the main temple. Tourists from different location gather here as a witness to the daily Pooja offerings to the Goddess. The name of Goddess is derived from 'Nandi', the mascot and follower of Lord Shiva, and 'Ishwari' (Goddess), meaning 'one who is worshiped by Nandi, the divine bull'. Wife to Lord Shiva, the Goddess is one of the many aspects of Goddess Sati or Parvati. Daily 'Prasad' is offered to the devotees in the temple. Annual festival is held during the autumn season.

Tarapith Temple in Sainthia

Tarapith Temple is another important part of the Shakti Peethas, which is 28.5 kms and can be reached within 2 hours from Sainthia. While, it takes just 15 kms from the Sainthia Railway Station. The temple is said to be the world famous Temple of Maa Tara. This temple of 'Tarapith' is devoted to the Maa 'Tara' (Wife of Lord Shiva – Sati). As per the mythological story, Sati's father insulted Lord Shiva and Sati, due to which she fells in to the burning ash, and Shiva started doing dance (Tandava) with full of furious and anger. No one was able to console Him. Lord Vishnu sent Sudharshan Chakra, His favorite circular sharp hand tool that rotates while moving. The chakra partitioned Sati's body in multiple parts and all Her body parts fell in different locations of India. Among which, Sati's eye fell at the town called Chandipur, later known as 'Tarapith'. Tara meaning eye in Bengali language. From then, it became Tarapith. This is not just a pilgrim center, but also a good structural building that drags loads of tourists who visit West Bengal.

Bakreshwar Temple in Sainthia

Bakreshwar is another important pilgrimage destination in Sainthia, which is 37.3 kms and can be reached within 2 hours from the Sainthia town. This place is also one among the shakti pitaas, where forehead and eyebrows of Sati is said to be fallen. And Bakreshwar temple is most popular temple that is devoted to Lord Shiva is built over here, and has become the great tourist spot. Also, there are some hot water springs here, taking bath in which may remove many sort of skin diseases, especially 'Agni Kundu' has great healing power. There is even a famous temple of 'Mahishamardini', which is visited by many tourists.

Fullara Temple in Sainthia

Fullara is another small place near the town of Sainthhia, which is very few kms away from Sainthia. This is another Shakti Pitha, where the lower lip of Sati felled at this place. There is a giant stone on which the statue of Sati is carved. The lip carved itself has 15 - 20 feet in width, and one can imagine the total height and width of the statue! And also, this is a same place where Lord Hanuman picked hundred and eight blue Lotus flowers for Lord Rama who wanted these flowers to worship mata Durga. In Fullara, the temple of Goddess Durga has been built, and is visited by many tourists all over the world.

Kankalitala and Shantiniketan in Sainthia

There is one more shaktipita called 'Kankalitala', which is a Bengali term. The meaning of the word is 'Waist'. Both the places such as Kankalitala and Shantiniketan are established very close to each other. And tourists will find it a great opportunity to visit both these places. You can find these places at just 9 kms away from each other and can be reached in a day. Overall, it is a beautiful holy place that must be visited once when you visit Sainthia.

River Mayurakshi in Sainthia

Sainthia Tourism
River Mayurakshi in Sainthia

River Mayurakshi in Sainthia is a very famous tourist location in Sainthia. Apart from temples and hot water springs, this River Mayurakshi has become the most popular tourist place in Sainthia. One can find the great panoramic views with cool breeze all around, and the birds that move all around the place gives a great fun. There are also many green trees, thick bushes and few small hills all around the River Mayurakshi. The reflection of the rising sun gives a great pleasure to the viewers.

Red Soils of Birbhum in Sainthia

This place has a great views though it looks crooked. Several trees are found here; some are grown by the people, while others are grown by themselves. Tourists can move to this hilly region to view the red soils at this place. This hilly place is excellent for the adventure enthusiast or the trekkers who love to trek at this region. Also, it creates a great fun for the photographers, that lets them to click different sorts of photography.

Navadwip in Sainthia

Navadwip in Sainthia is said to be the name of 9 islands (Nava meaning 9 and Dwip means islands), which is thus known as 'Navadwip'. The names of these islands include Antardwip and Simantadwip, the Rudradwip, as well as the Madhyadwip, also there are some other dwip like the Godrumdwip and Ritudwip, along with the Jahnudwip, even there are other dwips such as the Modadrumdwip, and Koladwip that surrounds the city of Sainthia.

Where to Stay in Sainthia ?

Hotels in Sainthia
Hotels in Sainthia

Hotel Nataraj and Mouchak Lodge are the best places to stay in Sainthia. Here you will find different types of A/C and Non-A/C rooms for individuals, as well as for the families and businesses at a very affordable price. One can reside at these special hotel rooms as per their budget. You can book the room of your choice (Standard or Economy).

Janani Hotel
Mohan Bhagan More Road,
Sainthia Main Road,
City: Sainthia,
Pin code: 731101, (Suri)
Phone: 0346 226 2473

Mouchak Lodge
Beside Sainthia Bus Stop,
City: Sainthia,
Pin code: 731234, (West Bengal)
Mobile: +91 943 463 6051

What to Shop in Sainthia ?

In Sainthia, you can do garment shopping in large numbers, as there are several retail textile shops throughout the city. You can purchase plethora of fancy clothes for your kids and many designer men' s and women's clothing are also available at the cloth showrooms and other small garment shops and shopping malls.

Birbhu Shopping Mall
Nearby Sainthia Bus Stop,
City: Sainthia,
Pin code: 731234, (West Bengal)

Where to Eat in Sainthia?

Shubham Hotel, Nataraj Sweet Corner, as well as the Hotel Janani are some of the best places to have delicious food. Here you will find all types of vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines, Bengali and other cuisines.You can eat exotic spicy meat and fishes (cooked in Bengali style) known as Bhapa. And you can have common food like rice, bhate, as well as some sweet dishes and snacks are also available here.

Shubham Hotel
Laxmi Janardan Market,
City: Sainthia,
Pin code: 731234, (West Bengal)

Suruchi Restaurant
Mohan Bagan Mor,
City: Sainthia,
Pin code: 731234, (West Bengal)

How to Reach Sainthia ?

There are no airports or bus routes available in Sainthia. One can reach only by railways, or need to get down at the nearest airports or bus station. Below are some of the means of transport to reach Sainthia. Railway is the best means of transport to Sainthia, as there are many local trains that will let tourists to reach directly to Sainthia, without any other means of transport. You will be able to find many regular trains to the Sainthia. There are no bus facilities directly to the Sainthia, instead one can get down at the very nearest bus stop at Panagarh. From here, either you can take private taxis or any other vehicles available to reach the destination of Sainthia. If you wish to travel by air to Sainthia, you need to reach the nearest airport. (i.e, the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport). From here, you can reach by local taxis to the city of Sainthia.

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